Changes to our appointment system

Practice News July 2022

Changes to our appointment system

From Monday 11th July, we will be making some changes to our appointment system with regards to the booking of GP appointments. At the beginning of the Covid pandemic, we had to move almost overnight to the majority of GP consultations being on-the-day for both urgent and non-urgent problems. This, combined with ever increasing demand, has created rather a monster and an unsustainable way of working for our GPs and the practice as a whole. We also know how frustrating it is for our patients to be repeatedly told to call at 8.15am!

We hope the new system will have a better balance of on-the-day appointments for genuinely urgent/acute problems and pre-bookable appointments for non-urgent/ongoing issues (which may be anything from 1 to 4 weeks in the future). The majority of appointments will still be telephone or video consultations, but we will also be offering a limited number pre-bookable Fact-to-face appointments alongside these. We appreciate the changes may take a while to adjust to and we may need to tweak as go along – we intend to review after 3 months and will be seeking patient feedback at the that time.

At the end of this week (w/b 4th July) we hope to send out a text message and/or email to all patients, with a link to a more comprehensive guide to the new system - how it will work, what exactly the changes mean for you as patients and how you can help work with us to make it a success. Full details will also be added to the website in due course, so watch this space!

Thank You

Claire Surridge,

QEMP Practice Manager

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Welcome to our new website. 

Please bear with us whilst we work on all the individual areas of the website to make it specific to our medical practice. You may find that you don't have access to all areas at times, this will be due to us working behind the scenes. 

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